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Serving the northern third of Minnesota

Everything electrical, heating, and cooling.


Reasonably priced electrical services

From a simple repair and lighting installation to new construction and tenant build-outs, Clearbrook Electric offers a full range of top-quality residential and commercial services.

  • Electrical contractors since 1939

  • Residential, commercial, and industrial properties

  • New construction

  • Existing structures

  • Repairs

  • Complete installation of electric service

  • Electric meter upgrades

Count on our steady services

It's important to have your residential or commercial electrical system checked regularly, and our team is happy to provide you an inspection that assesses all levels of your system.


Whether you have electrical problems and need diagnosis and repairs or you simply want to install a ceiling fan, outdoor lighting, or other items, call 218-776-3995.

Ensure your electricity works right

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24-hour emergency service is available on electrical services.

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